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Mature Women Models: What They Bring to the Table

mature women models

Today, mature women models are proving to the world that age is just a number, and women in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and older can be fashion icons. This is incredibly impressive, given that modeling and the fashion industry have for long been a preserve for younger models.

Age notwithstanding, older female models like Daphne Selfe (92 years old), and Carmen Dell’Orefice (89 years old), are still powerhouses in the modeling industry.

Here’s why mature women models are turning heads in the fashion industry.

Older Female Models Have Commercial Clout

In our current economy, Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, and Generation X women have more purchasing power because they are more financially empowered. Women born in these three generations have more money made from long successful corporate and business careers, investments in the boom years, and inheritance from parents or husbands. As such, marketers must appeal to older women. And this is where older female models come in. Fashion and clothing companies have now turned to female models over 50 years old to help them market their apparel. This has made mature female models most sought-after by marketers worldwide.

Mature Female Models Epitomize The Opinion Shift in The Fashion Industry

Besides the commercial aspect, the appeal for mature women models is also being fueled by the opinion shift from fantasy to idealism in the fashion industry. In terms of fashion and clothing, people are attracted to wearability and practicality. In this regard, it makes more sense for fashion brands to have older models market their clothing to address the needs of their mature women clients.

The paradigm shift in the fashion industry is largely inspired by the modern inclusion and diversity trend. People want products that appeal to their individuality, taste, age, sex, size, and age, as opposed to what marketers want to sell. This has seen retailers, fashion brands, and magazines customize their marketing strategies to accommodate customers of all ages, sizes, and shapes, as opposed to having a one-size-fits-all marketing campaign. This opinion shift, coupled with the fact that older women have more purchasing power, has made mature women models more in-demand.

Older Women Models Have More Desirable Personalities

With age comes wisdom. This is the case with mature female models. Being a fashion icon, or being in an influential position in society calls for composure, honesty, and excellent leadership skills. Certainly, older women models have more of these traits because they have had more learning experiences. Hence, mature women models can use their influence to inspire younger women and society at large. They are less likely to promote divisive cultures. More so, by defying the idea that age inhibits the ability to shine and prosper, older female models inspire people to challenge the status quo and explore their talents without limitations.

Mature Female Models Promote A Healthier Lifestyle

Older women models help to debunk the popular opinion that models have to be super-skinny, which has more often made aspiring models lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead, mature female models promote healthier eating habits and lifestyles. They teach younger models to embrace their size, age, and skin with confidence. In this sense, older women models are role models and inspirational icons to the younger models.

This has inspired more women of different ages and shapes to embrace their bodies and pursue their modeling dreams without limitations. That’s why we’re seeing an increase in plus-size models. The modeling industry categorizes plus-size models by size rather than exact measurements, which is different in the real world. This can hinder aspiring plus-size women to join the modeling industry. Having defied the age limitation, mature women models encourage other models to pursue their dreams too.

Today, older women models are in demand more than ever before. Rightfully so, because mature female models represent sex appeal, allure, intellect, beauty, and poise. That’s why marketers, fashion brands, and magazines are featuring older female models on their platforms and marketing strategies.