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This is who I am

Originally from Puerto Rico, born in 1963. Growing up in a Dutch and Puerto Rican household, I spent my childhood surrounded by a loving and multicultural family: a unique combination of Tulips and Flor de Magas, the best of both worlds. Now, I am a citizen of the world.

I started modeling at the age of 15, representing national and international brands of the time and a few years later, I became the Model of The Year 1980.

Eventually, my passion for the runway started facing strong competition from inside my heart. The business world caught my attention, and I shifted my education and career in this new direction. Entering the world of Fortune 500 hundred companies, for which I became an executive, I remained firm in that fascinating journey for many years.

With marriage came motherhood along with one of the biggest, most beautiful challenges: raising my son. I had to balance it all while staying on top of my career and being active in my community. The answer was obvious, I had to become my own boss, so I left the corporate world and started my own business.

In 2007, I founded INNOVAE, which later developed into a Global Logistics company. What started as a consulting service for opening doors in Latin America to US-based companies, became what is today: an international corporation that takes care of the transportation requirements of global clients.

One day I asked myself about my modeling career. Does a woman’s dream have an expiration date? This was when I realized I was looking at myself through the lens of paradigms of the past. There’s no reason now not to be a part of the community of female models over 50 years old.

A visionary quest

Nowadays, there are women in their 50’s, 60’s and even 80’s who are fashion icons and cultural influencers. Our society is evolving and understanding more of a woman’s value. Women are no longer perceived only for how they appear, but by who they are.

Why am I returning to my modeling dream? To show our generation differs from previous ones. As mature female models, we have so much more to give. We are living in amazing times with endless possibilities and is up to us to make use of what is in our grasp.

I do this also, if possible, to inspire younger generations. A young millennial mother who feels that after she is done with her career and family she will never shine again, but she will. The endless opportunities for women are growing faster than ever before in history. Women can take care of their image, advance their knowledge, defend their rights, and still shine as the bright women they are. No one can take that away from us. For as long as we are determined to pursue what we want for ourselves.

And I do this for me, as a reminder I still can reinvent myself, and this time returning to my initial roots by entering the world of mature women models. I am recognizing the opportunity and I am going for it. Following my passion and being bold. This is the time to listen to what is in my heart.

At age 58, I am taking chances. If I can inspire at least one woman to follow her dream, then I know I have succeeded.

*Flor de Maga is the “national” flower of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.