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Misogyny Lives: 3 Things You Didn’t Know

Within the past year, 45% of American workers have faced some type of discrimination and/or…

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3 Nutrition Tips for Models Above 50

In the modeling business, physical appearance is key. For mature models over the age of…

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Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Three Things You Didn’t Realize

Unfortunately, the glass ceiling is still very much something older female models need to contend…

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Stunning Mature Models Share Their Secrets For Aging Beautifully

Mature models are making a splash in the fashion world, bringing their timeless beauty to…

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Tips For Becoming A Female Model Over 50 Years Old

Tips For Becoming a Female Model Over 50 Years Old

If you are still dreaming of walking the runway and appearing on the covers of…

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Millennials, a generation that has so much to look forward to

The future of aging looks very bright for people in their mid-30s, as today’s aging…

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