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Welcoming the year of the water tiger: 4 new year’s resolutions to empower yourself

2021 has been the year of the Ox on the Chinese zodiac, and its characteristics…

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Mature Women Models

Key Questions to Ask a Modeling Agency as an Older Female Model

Part of becoming a successful older female model is signing on with the right modeling…

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On gratitude and raising your happiness level

Whatever you focus on, expands. This is a simple yet very important and true statement.…

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3 Common Questions About Becoming a Mature Female Model, Answered

Becoming a mature female model might seem like an unattainable goal if you've lost some…

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3 Nutrition Tips for Models Above 50

In the modeling business, physical appearance is key. For mature models over the age of…

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Breaking The Glass Ceiling: Three Things You Didn’t Realize

Unfortunately, the glass ceiling is still very much something older female models need to contend…

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