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Maye Musk in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover at 74 years

Maye Musk, mother of 3 – billionaire Elon Musk, restaurateur Kimbal Musk, and filmmaker Tosca Musk – is now in the spotlight after becoming the oldest model to feature on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Musk is one of the four models featured in the editorial including Kim Kardashian, Ciara, and Yumi Nu.

Making history as the oldest model to appear on the cover

Wearing a beautiful one-piece orange suit at 74 years old, Musk made history as the oldest model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue. She shared the news delightfully on Instagram by expressing “It’s about time!” Musk also revealed keeping the news about the shoot in the South American country of Belize a secret. As a nutritionist, she also mentioned that she didn’t go on any extreme diets to prepare for the shoot. According to her expertise, crazy diets make you lose your energy. “When I need to lose weight, I take away my high-fat foods — no fries, or fried chicken or sauces. I’d cut out dessert, and then I can drop a couple of pounds quite quickly,” she told the New York Post.

Uncontainable and unstoppable

For the issue, Tosca Musk described her mother as being unstoppable, an uncontainable force, and the most fearless woman she’s ever known. Musk, has earned two master’s degrees in nutrition science, has been in countless fashion shows and editorials, won awards in the dietetics field, and even appeared in a Beyoncé video.

Breaking the mold in society

Musk expressed she was very excited to let people know that women in their 70s are gorgeous. “At 74, Maye continues to work every day to inspire those around her,” stated MJ Day, editor-in-chief of SI Swimsuit. “The journey we’ve been on — to break out of the mold the world put us in — may sound familiar. It’s certainly familiar to the women we’ve chosen to be our cover models: Maye, Ciara, Yumi, Kim,” said Day in a press release on Monday.

The magazine issue encourages readers to see these models as multifaceted, multitalented, and sexy while they’re at it. The world may label them one way, but we can focus the lens on all the ways they see themselves and how they own who they are.