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Mature Female Models: The True Artists of the 21st Century

If you think about older women models, you’ll appreciate the fortitude and the resilience in their spirit.

The modeling industry is already tough, even for the teen models who have everything going for them. It takes twice as much effort for female models over 50 years old to make it in the modeling industry. And with motherhood responsibilities still on their backs, mature female models have it rough. Yet, despite the insurmountable odds, older women models are coming out on top and claiming their place in the industry.

Certainly, all women, regardless of their age, can draw great lessons from older female models who have found success in the fashion and modeling industry. These are some of the lessons you can learn from successful older women models.

There’s No Expiration Date on a Woman’s Dream

If you ask the accomplished female models over 50 like Carmen Dell’Orefice, Daphne Selfe, or Jan de Villeneuve what age is, they will tell you that it’s just a number that shouldn’t hold you back. Take Carmen, for instance. At age 90, she is still active and is regularly featured by top magazines worldwide such as L’Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar. These older women models have managed to stay at the top of their modeling careers way past their retirement age.

Undoubtedly, mature female models have fueled a culture shift in the modeling world and beyond. Unlike in the past centuries, where a woman’s value was judged from her age and looks, today, women are valued for whom they are and what they represent. To have successful female models over 50 killing it in a cutthroat industry indicates that age no longer limits women. Thanks to mature female models, even younger women in their late 20’s and 30’s have been inspired to get back on track and continue their modeling careers.

You Can Balance Marriage, Motherhood, and Career

Female models and women in other demanding careers find it difficult to balance marriage, motherhood, and careers. It’s tougher for models because the changes also affect their body shape as they grow into their bodies. After giving birth to two or three kids, it’s almost impossible for a woman to regain the body shape she had in her teen years. For the longest time, body changes after birth spelled retirement from the modeling industry for women models.

However, older female models have proved that motherhood and marriage don’t mean the end of a modeling career. Take, for instance, Daphne Selfe. Daphne got married at 25 years old, had three children, and maintained her top-flight modeling career. While it’s important to take a break to raise your family, it doesn’t have to be the end of a career, be it in modeling or other industries.

Today, you’ll find mature women models who, besides being wives and mothers, are also successful entrepreneurs in their own right. A good example is 58-year-old Kathy Ireland, the wealthiest model globally with a net worth of $500 million.

Mature Female Models Have Much More to Give

Apart from inspiring younger women models to not give up on their dreams, older female models are a source of reason in an industry where things can easily get out of hand. This is in reference to the unhealthy diet lifestyles that younger models may adopt to maintain their body shape. Most mature models advocate for healthy feeding and exercising lifestyles like yoga and avoiding unhealthy starvation diets. Additionally, mature female models serve as the voice of the older consumers who may feel out-of-touch with products advertised by teen models. As more fashion brands continue to realize this, mature models are getting busier by the day.

Older women models have more poise, integrity, and experience. As a result, brands find it easier to work with them. Today, models over 50 years old have taken their rightful place in the modeling industry, serving as an inspiration to older women in other industries too.