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The meaning of numbers; uncovering life’s path through numerology

During the last decades, numerology has become quite famous. This pseudoscientific practice begins from the idea that the cosmos, as well as our life, is affected by our birth date, birth name, and many other factors surrounding an individual. Through numerology, a single-digit number can reveal multiple things about life, its challenges, and in the abstract, our future.

On this blog, we’ll dive into the depths of numerology and what it can teach us about our life path.

Understanding the basics of numerology

Numerology numbers must be one digit, hence the reason they go from 1 to 9. Finding the life path number is rather simple, it is done by taking the birthdate and reducing it down to its numerical value. You must break down the date by summing up all the digits. You’ll probably get a two-digit number, which you’ll have to add again until you get a number between 1 to 9.

Personal numerology

Reading about numerology and its mysticism made me want to know what my life path number is. So I decided to venture into my numerology report and let me tell you I’m still in shock with the results!

  • Life Path number: The most important core number which reveals the outline for our life: the opportunities, challenges, and lessons you’ll face. In my case, I got life path 3, which refers to “The Communicator”. They make great entertainers, models, actors, designers, musicians, singers, and all areas of performance. They also shine in the worlds of cosmetology, hairdressing, fashion, and jewelry design. They believe in the magic of life and are people who want to enjoy life and never quite grow up. Crazy right? Since I’m a model and a fashionista!
  • The Soul number: What we feel inside. People may not see our Soul Number characteristics, but each individual will feel it on a deep level. This is the number that will lead us to inner peace. For me, it was number 4, which means my soul is fulfilled when I have security, and all my bills are paid. When I have a solid plan for the future. When I live in an environment that I can truly call my home. ACCURATE!

This is not everything, the numerology report is very extended and it also includes the personality number, the power name number, the birthday number, the destiny number, meanings, compatible numbers, lucky numbers, and much more. It is believed that there are no such things as coincidences in the Universe, therefore your name and birthday play a role in determining life’s journey. Are you ready to find out yours? You can get your report at