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Age and body positivity are now at the center of many fashion campaigns

The human body is a beautiful thing. We are able to do so much, we can have a huge impact on other people with our own outlook and how we feel about our bodies.

For years, the modeling and fashion industry has only focused on showing people with perfect bodies who are young and vibrant, that is all starting to change. Now we’re seeing a rise in the number of campaigns that are including plus-size and mature female models to show the diverse range of women out in the world.

Is the modeling industry changing?

For decades, plus-size models have been forgotten and have not had much representation in mainstream fashion. For those that do not know, a plus-sized model is generally seen as anyone that is a size 12 or greater, rather than exact measurements. The average woman is larger than a size 12, and a size 12, in the real world, is far from plus size.

There are some stunning models that are considered to be plus-size that are starting to break into mainstream modeling. Ashely Graham is one perfect example of someone that does not have a traditional body, but that is embracing her shape and being a positive role model for many. That being said, there are so many more models that do not fit the typical size and age range, but that are nonetheless beautiful. Mature female models are abundant.

Why are more brands being inclusive?

More brands are working on their inclusivity as a direct response to the fact that people want equal representation. Those women and men that are considered to be plus-size want models that look like them. More and more brands are working to prove that they are willing to change their own standards to make people happy and to make them feel more included as a whole with larger models and mature female models. This also includes using more mature fashion models that are the age of the women actually buying the products that brands are selling.

Brands are seeing the backlash from those consumers that are simply done seeing models that do not look like average men and women. Brands can benefit greatly by showing people that fit into more than one category and that are a truer representation of what people actually look like. There are so many stunning models out there that are larger, older, or that have different looks. Brands taking the time to include those mature female models can make more people feel like they are loved and valued and can also help to sell more products as those that might not fit the typical looks can see themselves in a brand.