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3 Nutrition Tips for Models Above 50

In the modeling business, physical appearance is key. For mature models over the age of 50, appearance is mostly about naturalness and maturity. These elements add more authenticity and genuineness, which offer a lot of potential for relating to the model. Nevertheless, diet and nutrition are always important to keep in mind.

Here are some tips on the right diet to keep you fit and healthy.

1. Fiber for a healthy body

One of the most common pieces of advice for a balanced diet is to include lots of fiber in your meal plan. Whole-wheat products, fruit, and vegetables as well as legumes are delicious high-fiber foods that provide your body with a lot of energy. Components in fiber assist the functioning of your digestive system and help decrease the level of cholesterol in your blood. For a balanced diet, carbohydrates should be only half of your caloric intake. However, among carbs, there are also certain kinds (healthy and unhealthy) that are better for you than others. Healthy carbs include oats, potatoes, legumes, or whole-wheat products. Bad carbs include jelly or dried fruits, wheat flour, and sweet granola bars.

2. Vitamins

Vitamins become even more relevant with age, as our body doesn’t absorb them as easily as before. Vitamin D is wonderful to prevent low levels of oxygen in the body. The sun is a great source of important vitamin D, you can also find it on certain foods such as egg yolk and fish. Vitamin C is especially beneficial because it helps slow down the skin’s aging process and also strengthens your immune system. vegetables like red bell peppers, broccoli, or cauliflower, and fruits like kiwi, apples, and strawberries contain lots of vitamin C. Another great one is Vitamin B12 which helps process fatty acids and supports blood cell formation. Foods with B12 include meat, eggs, and dairy.

3. Provide your body with enough fluids

It is not just a myth, drinking lots of water is good for your body. The recommended amount of fluids per day is 1.5 to 2 liters for the average adult. Staying hydrated is especially important if you are working in the modeling industry, as this provides your body with energy, prevents pain in the joints, and visibly improves your complexion. The best ways to provide your body with fluids are through tap water, mineral water, or unsweetened fruit, or herbal teas mixed with a lot of water. Avoid drinking alcohol, which has the opposite effect as it dehydrates and drains the body of fluids.

Due to changes and transformations your body goes through at different ages, you simply need different nutrients to stay healthy. Doing sports or just avoiding sedentarism is also important. It is key to listen to your body and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. A healthy body is nurtured with love first.